Virtual Servers - scalable perfection

Emergency power and redundancy is no longer optional!

Never worry about power outages or Internet connection failures again. Our Virtual Servers are hosted in top tier data centers and supported by redundant UPS and generator power systems. Along with multiple connections to Tier 1 Internet carriers you can rest assured knowing your server will be available when you need it. All our servers are replicated between our two diverse data center locations providing you with the highest level of availability and redundancy for your mission critical applications.

Virtual Servers

Internet Access Solutions is a leading provider of cloud server hosting services. By utilizing the latest technologies in cloud computing and server virtualization, Internet Access Solutions cloud server and virtual data center solutions can provide significant savings, better eBusiness and IT services, and a higher level of reliability. Our virtual server platform is powered by the industry leading vSphere platform from VMware.

Scalability & Deployment

Whether you're considering server consolidation or looking for rapid deployment, our virtual servers can be designed to meet your needs large or small. Our platform allows you to scale your server to your needs and only pay for the resources you require each month. Using our web portal you have full console access and ability to remotely control you server, power cycle and perform operating system installation.

Capital Costs & Benefits

When you consider the cost benefit of server consolidation, the rapid deployment and scalability of virtual servers from Internet Access Solutions it's easy to see where your bottom line will increase. With our pay as you play pricing structure you only ever pay for the resources you need now, saving money on your IT budget.

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