iPhone Synchronization

iPhone and iPad Synchronization

Never use a USB cable again to synchronize your iPhone or iPad when all your data synchronizations will be completed over the air in real-time. It's time to toss that cable ! iPhone and iPad users can now easily integrate these devices with Internet Access Solutions Hosted Exchange. Using the ActiveSync protocol you can securely sync your contacts, calendar and e-Mail using true push technology.

  • Push based technology ensure you get your messages as soon as they arrive in your mailbox.
  • Real-time contact synchronization
  • Real-time calendar synchronization ensures you never miss an appointment
  • Across all your devices

Utilizing certificate based encryption your data will always be secure between our servers and your device(s). Should you ever lose or have your device stolen, you can remotely wipe all critical data leaving the device totally empty with no risk of your information being accessed

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