BlackBerry Synchronization

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Your BlackBerry has never been more powerful than when it is combined with the Internet Access Solutions BlackBerry Enterprise server solution. Providing full synchronization of your contacts, calendar, tasks and email using true push technology in real-time.


Our easy setup process makes synchronizing your device a hassle free process. Simply enter your activation password on your device and our servers will take care of the rest. It is that Simple!

BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Security

Ensuring secure data communication between your device and our servers is critical. Utilizing state of the are encryption technology provided by the BlackBerry Enterprise server you can rest assured your data is always transmitted security to your mobile device.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides real-time synchronization between your mailbox and your mobile device including all contacts, calendars, tasks, email and folders. BIS service provided by most mobile providers limits you to inbox access only.

Setup Your BlackBerry

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